Getting Successfully Through Exams

Happy Sunday lovely people! Today (like every other Sunday) I’ve prepared a brand new post for you. As you’ve probably already read by the title it’s going to be an exam focused post. I don’t know about the country you live in, however in Denmark it’s currently exams period for a heck load of students – including me… But like a lot of others students, I can sometimes find it incredible difficult to prioritise properly, you know when to study and when to have fun. However, I do have a list of nice tips and tricks to optimise your exams period. So if you’re just as interested to get your hand on these tips as I am, then I suggest you keep on scrolling. Enjoy!


Like I already said, I do find it really hard to prioritise my time the best way. It sometimes ends up with me trying to have fun with my friends at the park, but feel too stressed by exams to even try and enjoy breaks like these. Other times I just can’t get to focus properly, like I can’t really let go of my thoughts and just focus on that bloody text about Ireland. If you feel like that at times as well, then you for sure have come to the right place. So here is how to a) improve your studying – when you’re supposed to study. b) actually enjoy breaks with your friends.

gEtTinG suCcEssFuLly tHroUgh eXaMs peRiOd 

  1. Accept your work | Even though I’m such a perfectionist and hate to hear this, then it’s still relevant and important to listen to; Ones you’ve written what you have or studied what you could – there really is nothing else you can do about it. I have sometimes gotten an essay back with a C on it, and felt terrible about it. But, like I’ve mentioned in a previously blog post – Grades don’t define you. It defines that tiny bit of work you’ve done, and if the grade isn’t great then maybe that just wasn’t your day. But are you going to care about it in a week? a month? or next semester? In case you haven’t guessed it already – the answer is very likely to be NO.
  2. Listen to non-lyric music | A great tip to improve your studying and keep you concentrated – is listening to music. And not just any music but music that doesn’t have lyric. No, I’m not saying you should start listening to Beethoven or Bach if they’re not your cup of tea. In fact I have a playlist on Spotify called ‘Homework Helper’ it’s mainly songs with a cool beat and kind of like a jazzy vibe to it. However, if your not really in to that music either, then I’ve actually downloaded this app called Tide (click here to find it) It’s an app which offers a lot of nature sounds like rain, the forrest, the ocean, a library or muse. I’ve found that this app has improved my focus SO much while studying – some of the noises just instantly makes me concentrate. I can only recommend it – and it’s free. Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
  3. Prioritise your time properly | You might be thinking: “Well, yes Karen… But how on earth do I ‘prioritise properly’ “? Well (dear reader), I obviously don’t know how your schedules are or how tight your day to day program is. But, if there’s one tip I can’t recommend enough then it’s; have one entire day of studying and then the next day an entire day of fun. I recommend this to my friends all the time. Personally I don’t really like to be with friends from let’s say 2-4 pm and then have to go back home for studying, while the rest of my friends are still having fun at the park or something like that. Then it’s so much nicer to say: Okay today I’ll work by absolute butt of, but then tomorrow I can be sat in a café all day long sipping coffee and chatting away.
  4. Make TO DO lists | Sometimes when I’m sat trying to study and feel really demotivated and unproductive, it’s usually because I’ve lost the idea of what I have done and still need to look at. So making a huge ass to do list of each exam is a really good idea. It’s so much easier to complete an exam that way.
  5. Have breaks while studying | Studies have shown that you concentrate a LOT better when you have little breaks. Just to mention Tide one more time, then it works like a timer as well. What I mean is; that you can set it to play the sound of the ocean for 25 minutes and then when it stops, it would be ideal to have mini break. However, don’t click on to Netflix, ASOS, YouTube or something like that, mainly because I’ve found it really hard to get back to studying because you can always just watch one more video or episode, or just load one more page of summer dresses. S-T-O-P!


So that was it for my little tips and tricks on how to get through exams successfully. It obviously takes more then just these five tips, however if I were to list all of them you probably wouldn’t have made it to this bottom bit of the post. I hope you’ve found it helpful if so then please give it a like, and let me know in the comments how you’re feeling about the upcoming exams period (if that’s where you’re at) If you don’t want to miss any of my Sunday posts, then please feel free to follow my blog. Until next Sunday, have a great week ❤

-Karen W. xx



  1. crystalsandcurls

    Great tips girly! For the music tip, a lil hack I found a few years ago is to listen to video game soundtracks; video game soundtracks are designed to keep the player engaged for hours at a time 😉 Good luck with your exams, I’m sure you’ll do amazing ❤ xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Karen Wodstrup

      Thank you so much Mia, I actually finished my first exam yesterday and I got a fucking A*!!! Can you actually believe it?!
      And what a great idea, I’ve never heard of that tip before – But I’ll be sure to test it ❤ xxx

      Liked by 1 person

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