May in Weekly Spreads

It’s Sunday lovely people. Which means that I’m here prepared with a brand new blog post just for you. If you’ve been a reader of mine for a little while, you will know that I bullet journal and have been doing it for over a year and a half. This doesn’t necessarily make me an expert on the subject, because everyone’s style of bullet journaling is so different. Maybe you like a heck load of pictures, maybe you prefer straight lines and colour coordination or maybe it’s the place for your inner Picasso to go wild. Who knows? Never the less, I thought I would share my style of bullet journaling. And while we’re at the subject, I might also share my tips and tricks on how to actually recreate my style (never thought I would say that, I kind of feel like an old-school beauty YouTuber saying that – haha) Let’s goooo!



Now, if there’s one thing that I can ONLY recommend – it’s finding cool and aesthetic pictures on Pinterest (btw you should go n’ follow me… haha plug*) They will instantly make a rather boring and basic weekly spread look really unique and special. My personal preference for pictures (yes, I apparently have a certain style of picture that I prefer – Only God know’s when that started happening….) I usually try find ‘unedited’-iPhone-look-a-like-pictures (yeah… I hope you kind of get what I mean) If you don’t then I’ve actually attached a pdf of the pictures that I’ve printed and used. It contains pictures of my own and other’s amazing photography, I thought that might help you recreating my style. Here you go guys!

Another really cool thing you can do with pictures, is layering them. Like you can (hopefully) see on the picture below, I’ve layered some pictures with both little cut-outs from magazines but also a price tag from one of my favourite brands. By doing this you’ll make your spread look even more unique, but also more interesting and different in a good way (basically what unique means duh*… 10 point for Gryffindor Karen)


tHe trAckiNg cOncEpt

I can’t exactly remember when I started tracking, but ever since ‘that day’ I haven’t done a spread without it. I don’t know exactly what it gives, however it does a) make me feel a lot more organized b) looks cool (haha) If you’re curious I track my sleep, my intake of water and money (not my intake of money LOL – but my use and earning) I also have this little box above which is The Habit Tracker. Here you can track stuff like: workout, reading, sugar, if you made your bed or not or if you’ve walked more than 10.000 steps that day. Only you know which habits you’d like to ditch or accomplish.


mOtiVaTing qUotEs

Like the tracking I more or less don’t have a weekly spread without some sort of quote. They all change from week to week. Sometimes they’re motivating, other times they’re more of a life reminder and other times they’re just there to make me smile. I have a Pinterest board filled with quotes so feel free to check that out here!  The quotes obviously fill some space out, so in such needs they’re pretty handy. However, since you look at these pages for an entire week, it’s nice to have something that makes you (like I’ve just listed above) some sort of happy.


dRaWinGs & dOodLes 

Another thing that really identifies my style of bullet journaling – is drawings. I absolutely adore to be sat drawing these sorts of odd and quirky drawings. They’re all self drawn (obviously) but what I mean is that I haven’t found the motif and just copied it. Not that you’re not allowed to do that, it’s just that I enjoy getting inspired by others and then draw it differently in my own way or just start from scratch (literally haha)


tHe tOoLs

Almost every time a friend of mine get to go through my bullet journal, a common question is always: “But what do you use to write and draw like this?” Well my dear friends (both in real life but also my friends of the inter-web) I’ve taken this picture for you, so you can get an overview on which ‘tools’ I use. However, I will just say that you don’t need any fancy pens to get started, like if that’s what’s stopping you from starting to bullet journal, I’m sorry to hear so because that’s really not a ‘requirement’ in the Bullet Journal Community. It’s just that it’s nice to have a selection of pen sizes. I guess you could compare it to having to write something creative in Word docs and only being able to use size of type 12 (or something like that) I hope that made some sort of sense. My pens are either from Staedtler, Faber Castle or the Muji gel pens in 0.5


So here you go! I hope you enjoyed this rather photo-heavy-blog-post. However, I do hope that you found my little explanations, tips and tricks helpful as well. If so then please give this post a like and tell me in the comments:

If you bullet journal or not? What you’d consider your style/type of bullet journaling? And why you’re bullet journaling?

Never the less, don’t forget to follow my blog if you don’t wanna miss any of my Sunday posts. I hope you’ll have a wonderful week and until next Sunday – luv, Karen ❤


  1. Anonymous

    This might sound that Ive been living under a rock but I didn’t know there is such a thing!! Looks appealing and so neat than the ‘traditional’ journal.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Marieke

    Wow! I absolutely love your style! It’s so clean, but so pretty!
    That’s what I like about bullet journaling, everyone has his own style ❤️ We need to INSPIRE one another and not compare ourselves to others.
    You really gave me inspiration 🙂 thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Karen Wodstrup

      Thank you SO much Ciara! I hear a lot of people struggling to keep up with their bullet journal. However personally it stresses me out not to have a plan or guide to help me. Like it keeps me productive but it’s also a place for me to be creative. Thanks for your sweet compliment <33 xxx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Karen Wodstrup

      Thank you so much! I’m sure you have the patience somewhere, because you really don’t have to make it as fancy with pictures and cursive writing. It’s there to help you not make you inner Picasso frustrated – haha ❤ xx Thanks for reading

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Jessica N

    I love your minimalist style! I would say that my bullet journal style is also quite minimalist with some cute doodles in between. For me, the reason why I bullet journal is that I love writing lists but hate having a million little sticky notes flying around in my room 😅.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Karen Wodstrup

      Thank you so much Jessica ❤ I feel like a minimalistic style is in some way more organized and neat. I totally see why you started bullet journaling, I would just like you find it really stressful not being able to have an overview of what I need to do and where I need to be xx

      Liked by 1 person

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