A trip to the country side

Some of you might be enjoying your Summer break right now. And others are still working there but off to get finished, and finally relax… But how do you get the last (huge) portion of work done, with out absolut destroying yourself. Well, I’ve been thinking about it, and I’m here to help you.



I’m this sort of person, that can’t just finish stuff, and then say: “Finally!! It’s over. I can now enjoy my Summer break”. No, I have to do my best before I can lean back and enjoy a cold ice cream and the warm sun (not in Denmark though…) But when it’s getting around that time. We, you and I have so much to do… And not gonna lie, it’s not that we are chillin’ all year around, so we are pretty knackered already, and really just need that break. So if you feel like this right now or at some point, then keep on reading.

I’ve been on my summer break for quit some weeks now, but I started it out by going on a trip to my grandparents. They live as the title says by the country side, and since I was very little, this has been my happy place. I’ve always loved coming here, because if I need to calm down or new energy it’s really just nature I need. If it’s a walk in the forrest or by the beach, it doesn’t really matter. But when you find yourself in those really busy siturations, I do think it’s important to recharge. It’s a necessity to have something to do, when you are low on energi. If it’s reading, drawing, cooking, walking, yogaing (I’m sure that’s not an actual word, but for today it is), working, dancing, singing, playing music, painting (you name it…)

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How to work even better? You may ask… Well according to research and the human brain, you actually work a lot better, when you’ve started the day off, by doing something you enjoy. Because I presume most people wake up, and think: “Oh sh*t, I have a To Do List that’s longer than Santa’s Nice List”. But if you only do things that’s an non enjoyable task, then you are not gonna have a lot of energy left, for all of the things that you actually want to do. So what I’m trying to say is…

  1. Start the day of by doing something you enjoy.
  2. Do some (or even just a few) not so fun tasks, and then do a task or something else that makes you happy.
  3. REMEBER that there is a time after exams and busy work hours. You will make it as long as you believe in yourself and listen to your body.

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I hope you’ve found this post helpfull or enjoyable (or maybe even both). I really like guiding and helping you guys out, and believe it or not. But I actually read back my own blog posts like this to help myself out. BTW I’m sorry I havn’t posted in a wile, but funny enough I’ve just been so busy (like all other people) and didn’t really feel like writing. But now I’m back at it, and I absolutely love it.

XoXo Karen Wodstrup


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